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Afrin; victim of peace promoters

Notwithstanding of the current ongoing political, military and conflict situations that take place in Afrin and despite of disclosed and concealed factors behind the brutal attacks on the province that have overturned to the entire region in the middle east, the powerful countries and world leaders that claim for peace, democracy security and stability not […]

Judicial Counsel… what are your reactions..!?

   The judges and courts file lawsuit against an NGO that advocates reinforcement of the law and alleging that NGO scandalizing the courts and also a media reporter arrested for 10 days for only performing his tasks and responsibilities in a right manner. Meanwhile the judicial council did not show any reaction or response against […]

(NED) CEO visits (DHRD)

  (NED) CEO visits democracy and human right development center (DHRD) in 6/march/20017 with abulrahman al jbury NEDs vice of program in middle east and north of Africa and baxtiar abdulah NEDs Advisory in kurdistan region and north of Iraq DHRD director and members of administration gave them there greeting and discussion about important participated […]

D.H.R.D activity works of violence against humans

Work and activates of organization against violence On 30/11/2015 DHRD activities prepared in the panel about Denmark’s media role with the (IMS) against violence , the panel prepared by DHRD The panel directed by colonel (sarkawt omer ahmed) director of domestic violence and lawyer (muhhamed marof noory) Board of Directors of DHRD, Mrs.(ala latif) fro […]

D.H.R.D participation developing organization training courses

In the works and activities between two project as known as (self-protection and awareness of gender torcher among serian refugees , self-protection and awareness of gender torcher among general origination (UNDP) refuge agency ) the projects process directed by the two partners (human right agency in sulaymaniyah , DCVAW in sulaymaniyah and kalar ) the […]

Developing capacity bulding of D.H.R.D staff training courses

D.H.R.D on 2-7/11/2015 lawyer Mrs.(shadman ahmed tofiq) like an activity actress of human right development center in erbil joined training session under the title (Training of trainers to develop the capacity of Iraqi NGOs) The course was a resident at the level of Iraq. Implementing agencies for training was an organization UNDP and non-governmental organizations […]

The world day against torture

June 26 of every year introduced as world day against torture and inhumanity dealing from united states. Inorder to keep the importance of that day and to be more popular for people we have participated in two different programmes from both NRT tv and radio sound of Nawa. The two lawyers (karzan fadil and suhaib […]

D.H.R.D have participated in a meeting place with middle east and north of Africa for invigilation of prison against torture

in the date of 22-23-24 of June 2015 from Beirut in the city of Lebanon a concourse have created under the name (region meeting place of middle east and north of Africa for monitoring prisons against torture), where organized by Dignity Denmark and Lebanon restart organization by participating a number of Arabic organization cities and […]