Court Supporting


This project implemented by DHRD in cooperation with (National Endowment for Democracy) NED, from July 1st 2010 in Sulaymania, the project`s goal is to make the judicial authority totally independent, law supremacy, developing the judicial system, removing the obstacles in front of the judicial authority and determining the violations. The purpose of this project through […]

The project of prevent violence based on gender


This project will be conducted in cooperation with (Heartland Alliance) in Sulaymania, The project period was for three years, so far two years of them passed, in the third year the project will serve the women who face violence, and as the result of this violence against them they get arrest in a prison or […]

The project of Peaceful Coexistence


This project was implemented in the areas of (Horaman Biyara, Razdahal, Belkha, Sowsakan and Tawela) with the coordination of CDO, and the cooperation of the Norwegian Organization NPA. The project aimed to dispersal the intellectual, religious and political sensitivities in that areas, and work to achieve the cooperative peaceful coexistence among the deferent opinions and […]

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