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– The Presidency of judiciary Council

– The Presidency of Kurdistan Regional Government

– Head of Kurdistan Parliament

– Presidency of Ministers Council in Kurdistan

– Presidency of public prosecution service

– Region security council and foundations in Kurdistan

In the time that all political andgovernment parties call for the rule of law and equality before the law, Thereare individuals in the Government, Especially within the internal securityforces (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Peshmerga, Asayish andanti-terror forces) who are breaking thelaw and disrespecting the authority of the judiciary and the judges themselves.recently happened, and more than once, insulting the judiciary andunderestimating and disrespecting it, the latest was on Wednesday 24/7/2013,when (Brigadier General Akram Ahmad), the director of Sharzor asayish, wassummoned to testify before the investigating judge of the city of Halabja; and wasasked by the magistrate to show his identity, which is a formal and routineprocedure in taking witness statements, but the mentioned burst up in themagistrate face and insulted him, arguing that he is a well-known personalityand how dare the judge to request for his ID; then he threatened the judge byremoving him from his post and moving him to another job location. The judgethen ordered police detention againsthim, for insulting the judiciary; but he threatened the police officers too andleaved the place without making any regards to them.

We, at the democracy and human rights developmentcenter (DHRD), strongly condemn and deplore this outrageous attitude of the directorof Sharzor asayish towards the courthouse in Halabja, and warn everyone thatthis is a serious indication of the lack of prestige and authority of the judiciaryin this region, and especially when it is coming from a high-level official.

These insults are repeatedcontinuously, and at a high pace. not too long ago one of the force 70 members hasthreatened a judge with his weapon and prevented him from performing his dutiesin Suleimaniyah; still no legal action has been taken against that person bythe authorities, neither any serious attitude was been taken in this respect bythe Judicial Council.

The repeating of these violations willresult to the blatant attacks on the dominance of the law and the judiciary andlegal authorities, and publicly.

From here, we demand a seriousattitude and legal action against all those violating law and confronts,without any fear or trepidation, with the rule of law and the courts.

We have to say here, if such eventshad occurred in a country where law is respected and its sovereignty ispreserved, legal and disciplinary actions would be taken, not only against theperson who committed such deed, but also against his Minister and even the headof the Government.

Finally, we ask upon every one to takestrict legal and public responds against such violations, especially the recentone, in order to put an end to these irresponsible acts, and not to allow anyfurther disrespect against law; otherwise, we will take other civil proceedingsto reach the absolute sovereignty of law, and limit its breach.


Democracyand Human Rights Development