rA-3Through the Project of Court Support, DHRD accomplished the third year of the project life in cooperation with NED in Kurdistan Region. Due to our belief towards the independence of the judicial authority, putting aside any interfering in court affairs, supremacy of the law and endeavor to return back the people’s confident toward the courts authority and law supremacy, DHRD will unveil its third report for 2009 throughout court support project, by mentioning all violations that have been committed in 2009 against supremacy of law, human and accused rights, even though there were several obstacles in gathering information and collecting data particularly in Arbil city. Thanks to cooperation and supporting of numeral of judges, deputies of prosecutors, lawyers and jurists that facilitated our works which enabled us to noting down the violations that causes obstructions in front of supremacy of law and independency of courts and returning back the people’s confidence toward the judicial authority in settle their cases.

The aim of this report is to defining and exposing violations against human rights and accused detainees, during investigations and trail phases, furthermore to remove obstacles in front of judicial authority which makes some bodies or establishments consider themselves higher than the law. Moreover to ensuring the independency of judicial authority and strengthen the role of law. As well as to developing and preserving the human rights and accused people and returning back peoples` confident towards courts is the purpose of this report.

Worth mentioning that despite of monitoring and defining the violations through previous year, we could conduct four seminars in Arbil, Sulaymani and Duhok cities under the title of (Critical View for the Iraqi Procedural Law and the proving and judicial authority laws)

About 200 of Judges, Lawyers, the Head of Directorates, Juristic employees were participated in those seminars.

Other activities were collecting 1000 of Court of Cassation’s resolutions in Kurdistan Region as well as issued resolutions by Appellate Courts in Sulaymani and Duhok cities in order to extract the legality bases by lawful researchers, and publishing it in a book.

Finally we appreciate each honorables; the Head of appellate court in Sulaymani area (Judge Latif Osman Shareef) and the Head of appellate court in Duhok (Judge Mohammed Ameen Sharafani) for their supports and cooperation in implementing the project’s goals.

Democracy and Human Rights Development