monitoring Human rights Status in the detention centers and police stations in Suleimaniyah governorate


During the time of the project from 15/2/2011 till 31/12/2011 we could achieve a big change towards the improvement of human rights and detainees rights status in the detention centers of the region in general and Suleimaniyah and Garmian districts in particular, such as the good interaction of the police and interior ministry as whole along with the general prosecutor and the directorates of arrest and transfer police, also the social reform its women, men, and juvenile sections with the activities of the project and following up every and any violations been reported to them by our teams during the interviews with the 580 detainees.

Also the participation of 118 employees of police and security forces from various sections and regions of Suleimaniyah governorate in the projects` workshops. This is in addition to the participation of our organization in putting the work plan of Kurdistan Region about the Human Rights for the years 2012 -2014 which is prepared by Kurdistan regional government along with the Judicial and legislative authority and the other related parties such as the civil society organizations, especially in the parts related to the detention centers and jails, aimed at strengthening and protecting human rights in the region in line with the principles of human rights issued by the human rights committee of the United Nations Organization. According to the general report of (UPR) which is been issued about Iraq and Kurdistan Region on February 2010, it is expected that Iraq and the region would implement this plan by 2014, including amending the Iraqi Penal Cod (111) of 1969 that dealing with torturing and beating detainees, and implementing the cod that is dealing with providing lawyers for the accused during the investigations and trail stages. And also implementing the cod no. 15 of 2010 issued by Kurdistan parliament, which is dealing with compensations for detainees and prisoners proved not guilty, in Kurdistan region. Also building new jails and reform centers according to the international criteria. Also implementing the reform program of (Alternative Punishments) instead of detention.