afreen DHRD

Notwithstanding of the current ongoing political, military and conflict situations that take place in Afrin and despite of disclosed and concealed factors behind the brutal attacks on the province that have overturned to the entire region in the middle east, the powerful countries and world leaders that claim for peace, democracy security and stability not only keep watching what happens in Afrin but are also the principal and leading perpetrators of the war.


The attacks on Afrin are committed against humanity and are incompatible with humanitarian moral, religious and terrestrial values and merits. Those attacks comprised random shelling and bombardments on the civilians of the city, emerged in forced displacement and starvation of the people, resulted in killing hundreds of civilians including children, women, adults and elderly people, destructed the nature and environment of the city and established the continuous seeking towards changing the demography of the city. Meanwhile, those brutal attacks are serious violations of the international laws of wars, and are violations of the international conventions and declarations of protecting human rights.


Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre/DHRD condemns the brutal acts by the Turkish army. Meanwhile, it condemns the negative perspectives and silences of the United Nations/UN, United States of America/USA, United Kingdom/UK, France, Germany and the entire worldwide for their silence and unresponsive stances against the Turkey’s destructive attacks and the deliberate killing of civilians in Afrin.


This memorandum does not pertain with the Kurdish ethnic nature of Afrin population; it considered the object of entirely unprovoked brutal attacks, we concern about the whole humanity and the lives of people whether living in Afrin or any part of the world.




Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre