Organizing an educating courses about the law and human rights for the associated judicial device in administration of Sulaymaniyah by collaboration with two American organizations OTI and DAI:

Thirty persons were participated from the judicial body and for four months, from 1/7/2004 until 1/ 11 / 2004. A series of subjects about law, human rights and crime investigations were discussed, with a group of educational lectures about democracy, civil society and terrorism. By the third and fourth month of the project, all participants were asked to prepare a scientific research about the topics under the supervision of the lecturers. At the end of the project a specialized committee has evaluated all the researches; and after the conclusion of the project the Ministry of Justice, in Sulaymaniyah administration has decided to employ all the participants as judicial investigators in the investigation courts and police stations. It is noteworthy that the lectures and the course topics were taught by a group of the judges and academics.