A-14This project will be conducted in cooperation with (Heartland Alliance) in Sulaymania, The project period was for three years, so far two years of them passed, in the third year the project will serve the women who face violence, and as the result of this violence against them they get arrest in a prison or in the one of the women centres (shelters). In addition to serve women who has cases in the Family courts. Their cases will be taking care of by lawyers and social workers that working in this project. Also the project will ensure a physician to provide them with health care.

Following is the sources that the cases will be delivered or received with the number of the cases that received till preparation of this report:

  1. The Police directorate of arresting and transferring in Sulaymania/ 104 cases
  2. The police directorate of violence against women/ 63 cases that 11 of them are in the shelters.
  3. Heartland and the centre of recovering psychological damages / 38 cases that 6 of them are sent to the centre of recovering the psychological damages.
  4. The courts/ 18 cases
  5. DHRD/ 15 cases
  6. NGOs/ 9 cases
  7. The police and asaesh stations/13 cases.
  8. The directorate of human rights/ 4 cases.
  9. The directorate of social reforms / 2 cases.
  10. The shelter of women who threatened/2 cases.

The total cases that interviewed by projects` staff till preparing this report are (268) cases. 202 of these cases were accepted and 66 cases were refused.

61 cases of the 202 accepted cases (61) of them hasn`t returned, either because of were reviewed in the police directorate of arresting and transferring and they were released by bailing out, and they left no addresses that enable us to contact them, or they chose to not return to us. That means in the total of 202 cases, 141 cases were revised. Those cases have 261 law suits in the courts. 168 of those law suits are in the family courts, and 92 of them settled, and 76 of the remained. 83 of them is in punishment courts, 48 of these law suits were settled and 35 of them remained. Also there is 10 law suits in the primary courts, that 8 of them settled and 2 remained.

All these cases pass through needed procedures such as, notifying the defendant, sending all of the letters to the relevant parties within revising the lawsuits, executing court decisions by the directorate of executing.