This project implemented by DHRD in cooperation with (National Endowment for Democracy) NED, from July 1st 2010 in Sulaymania, the project`s goal is to make the judicial authority totally independent, law supremacy, developing the judicial system, removing the obstacles in front of the judicial authority and determining the violations.

The purpose of this project through monitoring the courts in (Hawler, Sulaymani and Duhok) is:

  1. To know the range of courts` commitment to the human and accused person`s rights principles and applicable laws.
  2. To realize the range of courts` commitments to the international conventions.
  3. The commitment of the governments’ bodies especial the interior forces to the court decisions.
  4. Does the courts are match with international standards or not?

The Kurdistan parliament issued a new law in 2007 to organize the judicial authority. According to this law the judicial authority is independence from execution authority and has its own budget and management. To apply this law it is important to monitor its application that causes development of the judicial authority. Through monitoring this process, reformation could be done to old laws through researching and conducting seminars.

Many seminars conducted on (The supremacy of courts over other institutions), ( Critical review for approving, punishment, civilian trailing and execution Iraqi laws), (Building relation bridges between judicial authority and mass medias and developing judicial works within KRG courts) in the cities of Arbil, Sulaymania and Duhok. With participating of judges, juristic, lawyers, government employees, reporters and police officers.