hilsnky02On 17th of April 2011 Mr. Harry Hummel) The CEO of Helsinki committee in Netherlands, with representative of Garmian organization Sir (Wouter Kornelis Haarsma) and the director Mr. (Mustafa Kul Mahamad.) visited Kurdistan. The goal of this visit due to cooperate our organization meanwhile to give more benefit info to construct a powerful plan for the projects in the future to our organization. Moreover they provided us an ideal mechanism for monitoring and following up as well as creating a good solution for human right casualties.

Day after, the team visited DHRD organization/ main office in Sulaimnayah,so as to know all about their affairs, they seriously debated all projects then provided an excellent method to implement the plans in a very good way.

Then on 19th of April, the visitor delegation staff with (human right monitoring team in the prisons), visited Sulaimanyah prison, they directly met some prisoners, later they went to each section inside the prison also to Men/women part separately as well as interviewed some of them closely.

On 20th of this month, the team provided a special course to find a good mechanism and tough plan to follow up and get solutions for human right victims. The course normally started at 8:00 am and ended at 5:00 pm, during the session many subjects were debated, the participants openly and frankly exchanged their opinions and suggested good points to stop those crises that collapse humanity.

Second day of the course was devoted to put a strategic plan for those who are the victims of the human rights that the DHRD recently working on; sharers have addressed some survive sample that are exist now a days, in order to point out both negative and positive sides then tried to find a appropriate decision for those case, at least to minimize this issue.

On next day, the delegation team gathered with organization staff, the aim is to follow up and investigate those forms that are filled by members of the organization for the casualties of human rights.

The last day on 23th of April, the visitor’s staff visited (AMNA SURAKA) museum in sluaimanyah to see the non humanity behavior and cruelty manner of the dictator (Bath regime) toward Kurdish innocent civilian in

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