IMG_4952DHRD support court role , this is one of main goal from our project , with support of NED in Kurdistan region , to support modernize investigation officer in Kurdistan region , at same time PAO and DHRD worked to come together with , ( file of-meet the judges ) also , on oct,24,2012 at 3 :00pm Seminar for mr Rahim Hassan alalyagy Iraqi judged in CDO meeting hall , on 3:00 pm the seminar was under name ( role of investigator officers from basic investigations , also the role of law and, how to reduce law enforcement to make situation realistic ! } more then 30 investigator officers and high rank police officer attend the seminar from sulmani city and other small town also there was allot of journalist and reporters , they discussed the role of law and the role of investigators and officers , to protect human rights and respect the low to bring justice by law not by forcing or abusing suspected person , that we had heard there is many cases of abuse and forcing , suspect , now in the region ,

before closing the seminar , they took many questions and they got all answered by Mr,
for more info you can go to our research page to read more about this seminar