57lk1Democracy and human rights development center and TRTC in the special meeting about the world day of the united nation against torture in 26-6-2012 at 3pm the hall of civil development organization.

Forty seven individuals from other organization and media wear attend.

On 26-06-1987 United Nations they start the agreement process against torture and other inhumane treatment.

In 1997 united nation they decide to make 6-26 a yearly official holiday as a day of world against torture.

On 6-26 it’s a yearly memorial day. Most of the countries around the world they do different activities to stand against torture.

The discussions were about the following subjects.

1-Subject about the agreement of standing against torture .and national evaluation about the subject was presented by the Lawyer Mr. Karzan Abdull Fazil)

2-Menthol torture effective on individuals, families, society and ways of training the rescues. Was presented by Mr.Salah Hassan (sociological treatment)

The meeting was ended with the desiccations of the participant about the same subject