karzan-bagdad2012Martin Coblor united nation representative in the world days of human rights he recognized five human rights activists in Iraq, it was held up in the united nation office in Bagdad .one of those activists was Mr.Karzanfazel (lawyer) and member of DHRD administrations. And this recognition was after a hard work of this activist on monitoring and achieving human rights. On December 10\2012 five person was recognized. Mr.Coblor said those who ward recognized today their voice could change the human rights in Iraq and on this important day I will like appreciated their hard work. And this year is the anniversary years of human right under the name of(my voice is voluble). Those who wear recognized was Mr.(karzan fazel) from democracy and human rights development center ,Mr. husam Abdulla lawyer in Mozel city , miss shazanajeehasan from the women rehabilitation organization in bagdad, hasantoranbahaden director of Kirkuk city council and Falahalosy from salami rafedaen organization in Bagdad . Also the United Nation office in Iraq (unami) they celebrate the world days of human right for one week in Basar city, Kirkuk …and conducting many activities in Kurdistan region.