Today the 17th of February 2013 the sixth legal trial for the guilt (R.G) he is one the guilt’s who attacked the writer and journalist Mr. Asos Hardy in criminal justice of sulimani . with the attending the lawyer’s from Democracy and human right development center (DHRD). The trial was start after taking the last speech of the guilt, and then us as lawyer of MR. ASOS HARDI we present our speech to the judges and we request for charging the guilty according to the article 31/406 in Iraqi legal punishment law that Clearfield the speech of the guilty and the witness . Also the member of the public defender gave out his speech to support the confess of the guilty for his crime and all those evidence wear giving to the court. Then the lawyer of the guilty give out his request to the judges and asking for releasing him. After all the speech and request wear taking by the judges .they made their decision to charge the guilty for eight years in prison . LEGAL PROTECTION CENTER FOR JOURNALIST IN KURDISTAN REGAIN 17/2/2013